Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Making of Our Comic "Justine" pt. 3c

Making of PAGE TEN starts below:

I said I’d post some thumbnails and pencils of Justine and who delivers on her word? …three months later. Sorry about that.

Anyways, in continuation from Pt. 1 and Pt. 2, below are the thumbs and such for page ten (my other favorite page) along with its respective page from the script. (Page one and page four are posted separately). Comparing the text to the art, you can see how things changed and moved around and were interpreted in different (but wonderful) ways than what I’d envisioned.

This was our first time collaborating on a comic, so we learned a lot along the way. For Justine, I didn’t send Jose my own thumbnails along with the script like I’ve been doing for this project. Then we learned how nit-picky (especially when it came to designing lead characters) I could be. Thus, our current process was born saving us a lot of back and forth about little things.

I’ll let the sketches and drawings speak for themselves since—well, they are images. Also, I didn’t draw them so there’s not a lot I can say about the thought process behind them.

Le Script

PAGE TEN(6 Panels)


She’s a blur of motion again as she slips between the bars below the monster’s perch.


She stands with her back to him, sadly resigned. She reaches inside her coat. Her figure is about half cutoff by the left-hand side of the panel.



He springs off the monkey bars and at her. It would be really cool if his figure extended past the border of his panel at the top and also into panel two (where Justine would be standing with her back to him.)


This sits in the lower, right-hand corner of the previous panel. Close of Justine’s hand as she begins to pull a dagger from its sheath inside her coat, revealing an inch or so of the gleaming silver blade.


Close on the monster’s face as his eyes widen with awareness and fear, but it’s too late. The momentum will bring him down.


He lands against Justine’s back. The expression on his face changes from fear to immense pain. His body convulses.



Pencil Layout

Black/White Comp

Color Comp

Final Pencil Comp


Final Page

Hey, since you’re already here, check out page one and page four too! To read the story in its entirety click here.

Progress report next post! Which I’m willing to believe will happen sooner than three months from now.

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