Saturday, April 16, 2011

Short Story Previews

This image will accompany a few other paintings for a short story called "Of Nothing". I've been trying to work on these short stories but working on the comic has taken up much of my time. Who would of thought time management would be kicking me in the pants! But anyway I'll leave this post short so you can gaze into her eyes...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Wanna Know What It's About?

Someone pointed it out to me a little while ago that we never posted a description of what you can expect to read once the website is up.

Since I’m the writer, I guess you can blame me for that.

A part of what you’ll see once the site is up is a series of illustrated short stories and poems (they’ll go up over time, not all at once), but there is also going to be a couple of limited or ongoing series. Here’s the description for Chasing Wolves, which you’ve been seeing some sketches and studies for:

For fifteen years, werewolf Supriya has keep oceans and continents between her and the place she'd reluctantly called home, but when a stray werewolf who can barely hold himself together stumbles into her life, she knows there’s only one place that can help him. Despite her grudge against Sanctuary, there’s no denying the good work its founders do in teaching Weres that they don’t have to be monsters. She herself is proof of that.

After traveling halfway around the world to return to Sanctuary, the last thing Supriya expects is to find the place completely empty. That’s only the beginning of her problems.

An old enemy is out to get Sanctuary, and this time they’re more dangerous than ever. It was bad enough when they just beamed in from the shadows to steal cows, but now those dastardly ninja aliens have the power of time travel at their disposal and they aren’t afraid to use it.

With the help of Archimedes, H.G. Wells, and that guy who played that thing on the wing in that one episode of The Twilight Zone, Supriya just might save Sanctuary, but the space-time continuum may never be the same again.

Merry April Fool's Day, everyone. And to everyone a good night!