Friday, March 18, 2011

Values and Mark-Making

Recently I've been experimenting with ink washes and acrylic to get a specific look/feel for the werewolf comic. This first page was me trying to find different textures and values on top of different surface preparations. The three coatings I used were matte medium which absorbed the acrylic too quick. Gloss medium which worked great for adding textures but left an ugly shinny surface. And finally satin varnish which was the best of the two, right in the middle. I was able to get the textures I wanted and created enough of a barrier that it didn't absorb the paint on contact. Finding the right paper for ink washes was also a bit of a hair puller. I didn't want to use watercolor paper because it's too expensive, so finding an alternative took a bit of investigation. After about the fourth of fifth attempt I found a paper that was smooth enough to retain ink marks and had the correct amount of sizing to disperse washes of ink. The name of my new best friend, Folio Print!

After finding the correct paper and surface preparation I attempted my first study with one of the panels. This study had no surface prep it was just ink, washes, and acrylic. I found out that the acrylic was absorbing too quick and not leaving the brush marks I was looking for. Which I had already known but wanted an example to compare for when I did prepare the paper with medium.

On the second study I inked the drawing and added in washes for values, then I coated the paper with satin varnish. This created a barrier between the paper and the top surface which meant I could add in brush textures without losing any of their detail. There was also a brush I found to create motion lines a lot quicker and more accurate as you can tell on the fist punch. Much better than the individual lines I had to make for the motion lines on the first study.

I'm hoping I can carry the quality of this panel study into every panel from now on for the werewolf comic.


  1. The shading and style look awesome, and adds a lot of depth to your pictures. I'd definitely like to see pages with the style, I bet it'll look cool!

  2. Very nice - I have to say I do love the motion lines - they are amazing and perfect but you went a little heavy on them. They are almost distracting - I mean i don't blame you - like I said they are so perfect it would be hard not to want to play.....just a bit lighter in my opinion. That is my only crit, because I love the texure and flow you have created - the face and skin just pop off the page!

  3. Thanks for lets us know your thoughts, guys. (On both studies, HowLynn)

  4. Letting! LETTING! LET. TING.

    I've been leaving typos in comments all day today (sigh)

  5. @ HowLynn, I agree with your comment about the motion lines. I got a bit carried away with them but it's good this was only a study, now I know how to handle my materials better.
    Thanks for your input everyone.