Friday, February 18, 2011

A Whole Mess of Studies

After receiving Cacy's reference material, descriptions, and character studies. I put pencil to paper and got to work on getting accustomed with the characters overall look. Getting started this time around was a lot easier given all the work Cacy had already put into her studies. Making adjustments where I thought they needed to be made was the most difficult part in all this process. Such as in Supriya's dress, I took out the designs with the thought I didn't want to have to spend forever redrawing it onto her dress every time she was in a scene. But now that I see the study I'm thinking it looks a bit bland, any opinions?
Creating the features on the three female characters was fun, at first I had attempted creating them without any reference but drawing a specific ethnicity was much more difficult than I had anticipated. So I reference several online pics and combined them to create the different looks of each character. Next time I know to do this step first to save myself some time.
I also brushed up on my wolf drawing skills and they still haven't rusted out since I last drew them in "Justine".
Hope everyone enjoys this weeks drawings.


  1. Darn it! You're all super fast with your end of things! I have to hurry up on my side so I'm not holding you up too much. The dress does look a bit plain, maybe a simplified version of the pattern? (She only wears this dress in the first chapter, so if you do do the pattern, it would only be for those few pages...if that makes it any better)

  2. Like the mutt alot! I think the plain dress pulls the eye to the face and knives - undertone clothing makes faces have more impact.